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What My Clients Say

I have had many clients over the years, see below a selection of their feedback. 

What My Clients Say
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Julia - Spain

Calmness, gentleness and assurance. Clarity in the guidance and tasks. Ability to listen and propose as supposed to telling you what needs to be done.


Denise gave space for realisations and breakthroughs. She explained very well what was the task and guided me through it with a peaceful energy. The two hours flew. 

Angelica - Italy

Denise has such an intuition to capture your energy and what you need. I felt totally comfortable with her form the beginning and the way she guided me was so gentle yet I could feel she knew exactly what she was doing, this allowed me to completely relax and trust the process.


During my session with Denise I had a big realisation and I can honestly say that it is the best coaching session I ever had! Thank you   

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What My Clients Say
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Surekha - UK

In Nov 2020, I was getting desperate for a solution. 20 years and still going with excruciating and debilitating chronic pain. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Migraines. We started working together in December and did Hypnotherapy and Trauma Release. After 2 sessions I was absolutely amazed. For the first time, I realised where my pain was coming from and why it was there.


Denise helped me to  work out that I didn't just have migraines. I was suffering from Fibromyalgia. Years of Trauma trapped in the body. What a break-through!


After the trauma release session in January, I went for weeks without a migraine. Whilst I'm still in healing and will have more sessions, I now feel alive and feel like I've let go. I want to thank Denise from the bottom of my heart as she has been the Godsend, with the miracle I was looking for. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with healing.

Thank you, Denise, you have created miracles in my life. 

Michelle - UK

I had an amazing experience with Denise. She is such a great professional coach with a lot of experience and knowledge able to help me understanding my blockages and work towards my goals. Working with her I felt in a very safe, comfortable and professional space. In only one session I now feel liberated of some old conditioning that were holding me back to unfold new projects. I have the motivation and the strategy to get ahead.


I am very blessed having found Denise, I highly recommend her.    

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Mario - Australia

I started seeing Denise for readings at SpellBox in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. She took over from my previous reader and, at that point, I found it difficult to trust someone new. However, Denise immediately made me feel at ease and she transmits a warm and welcoming aura. 


She is a talented reader who uses her skills in tarot reading and coaching to give you insights on your current situation. What you do with the messages is up to you but I always found them to be a powerful source of reflection and guidance. 


Denise is very perceptive and often gives you messages from her guides in relation to your questions. She can also read your aura to channel your feelings and I have always found that to be quite grounding for me. 


Denise is honest, she has a good heart, and she genuinely wants to help others. 

Even now that she lives in the UK and I am still in Australia, I regularly schedule zoom readings with her. Even from a distance, she is able to feel my energy and she provides me with positive messages and guidance. I am very grateful to have met Denise and to have her assistance when I need it.

Sanjeev - UK

Hypnotherapy sessions. Denise as a person is authentic and understands me thoroughly.

Denise has knowledge, experience and is a expert in coaching and hypnotherapy and understands trauma, energy holistically to perform her role as a coach and therapist.


I have found her sessions extremely beneficial and helped me in times where I felt overwhelmed with my anxiety and emotions as well as creating future goals and having a clearer thought process.


I am very happy I worked with Denise on sessions and will continue to do so.


I have passed her contacts to many other friends and recommended her to many people I know as she is simply outstanding.


Thank you 


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