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Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching


I am sure there are many areas of your life where you are already successful. However there may also be some areas where you feel stuck and seemingly unable to move forward to create the change that you want.  


A Breakthrough Session will help you to clarify and change things which are holding you back enabling you to achieve the results that you want in your life.


For myself personally, one of my biggest hurdles has been lack of self-worth manifesting as procrastinating and self sabotage. I have sabotaged so many opportunities in my life with feelings of not being good enough and creating negative events to justify these self sabotaging beliefs.


Breakthrough coaching pushed me through these barriers and through the tears and the realisations I emerged more confident and resilient.  Resulting in overcoming procrastination and feeling much better about myself.  

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You can do this do, nothing is impossible there is always a way. Fear, hurt & guilt from the past can be released and surrendered.  


Which ever area of your life you want to focus on, whether its business, career, relationships,

or health & fitness, a Breakthrough session can help you to achieve the success that you wish for.  


I use a toolbox of powerful tools including NLP, timeline therapy & hypnotherapy, which I tailor to your specific needs and situation.  

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You leave your Breakthrough sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and energy to focus on the things that matter to you in your life.  Leaving you spiritually, emotionally and mentally clearer and composed.  A new sense of inner peace will now dominate your life.


Why don’t you take that first step now and book your discovery chat with me.

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