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In my office, I display on the wall diplomas that certify me to be a Life Coach and a Healthcare Therapist.  


What they don’t show, is that first and foremost I am an educator.  


I realise that it is of little point in having a lot of knowledge if that knowledge cannot be imparted in a meaningful and practical way.

This is why I am passionate about life coaching, as it provides me with the platform to really help me mentor my clients on their journey towards better health.



I wrote my book as testament to my own journey and that also the journey of the many clients I have helped over the years. 


I advocate in my book mindful and instinctive eating based on the principle that instinctively we all know what we should and should not eat.


My approach is to stop dieting,
ditch the scales & start living life 

Diets don't work for everyone

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More often then not it leads to more over eating as a reaction to the restriction and deprivation of dieting. This results in yo-yo dieting, being constantly on a diet, oscillating between feast and famine which is not good for your body or your metabolism.


The weight loss companies love you trying all the yo-you diets, as then you will keep going back like the proverbial boomerang.

Scientific research shows that dieting does not work that there is no magical food or diet that leads to long term weight loss.  



Think of your health as a three legged stool, if one leg is missing the stool will fall over.


You body needs three components for good health; food, exercise and mindset.


Unfortunately most diets only focus on two aspects, those being food and exercise,

the most important part mindset is not addressed.


My Breakthrough Package 

I offer a 6 week breakthrough package to get you back in control again

The Package is offered online via Zoom and it includes:

3 x 90 minute Coaching Sessions

2 x Motivational Audio Recordings

1 x Mindfulness Meditation tailored to you


Weekly email support

Nutritional Support



Recordings include visualisation and guided imagery techniques

as well as motivational affirmations to change limiting beliefs.



My clients report apart from losing weight that their whole attitude towards dieting has changed, that they now make positive healthy choices rather than thinking restriction.  

Also others report general health improvements including lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, no more IBS symptoms.


I can customise the packages to include particular areas of concern such as food cravings and addictions and emotional eating.


This package is totally bespoke to you.

21 Day Weight Control Challenge 

Book a FREE Discovery Call with Denise-2

This is a group session with a maximum of 10 people.


The 21 Day Challenge contains 3 x once weekly 90min zoom session where all you concerns and questions will be answered. Ending in a group coaching or hypnosis session. I request that all questions be sent before each zoom meeting so I can be sure you have you questions answered.


We will install new healthy ways of thinking about food and dieting.  I will hold you accountable and be there for you for the duration of the challenge.  Additionally I offer with this package an extra one month of email support for any extra questions you may have.


You will also receive 2 x Hypnosis Audio recordings and 1x Motivation recording.


This three weeks will reset and get you back in the drivers seat. You will enjoy the group support and help each other as you make these changes.



I can help you

to manage

weight challenges

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This is my book which is

available at

A Free Gift for You

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Its also available as an e book on

Beyond Dieting e book 


My 7 Secrets

to successful weight loss

My first book “Stop Dieting, Start Living” is the culmination of 25yrs professional experience as a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. The book sets out to explain why most weight loss programs never work

long term because they focus on diet and exercise and fail to take into consideration mindset and long term limited beliefs.  The book looks at how the subconscious mind ultimately controls our behaviour.  


Even with the best intentions to become slimmer, fitter, healthier if the subconscious mind is not in alignment, any attempts to become slimmer will be thwarted by these stronger emotions.  


I have spent the last decade focusing on weight management and holistic nutrition. I advocate eating instinctively and mindfully.  We all know what we should eat.  This book is your natural reset button to eat

as nature intended and to become healthy, slimmer and most of all emotionally free of the burden of constant dieting. The natural way of eating is to eat only when hungry and that it is ok not to eat if you don't want to. Less is more as they say.







Chapter 3 - Thoughts are Things

“Thoughts really are things and very powerfully influence your mind and subsequently your actions. 

If you put your attention on the things that you don’t like about your body shape or weight and fret or worry that nothing seems to work, you are programming your subconscious mind to create obstacles to achieving what you really want which is to be slim, fit and healthy.


In my years of practice, the one fundamental reason most people fail to keep weight off is because of conditioned beliefs and feelings they have about their body and weight and size. The first thing I do now when I talk to someone about their weight problem, is to find out if it is their emotional state of mind which is the primary cause of their weight gain. I want to discover the real reason they are failing to lose weight,

how many times they have dieted, what cravings, they have and whether they have regularly exercised in their life.


From my experience I have found that if someone has an emotional reason to stay fat, no weight management program will work for them. Constant negative thoughts are like broken records playing in the background of your mind and every choice you make and will be influenced by these negative thoughts and will sabotage your best attempts to lose weight. However, the good news is once you uncover the reasons why you are overweight, you will quickly be able to successfully lose weight and keep it off. It is often those underlying influences which are our greatest enemy.


 Those old coping strategies installed a long time ago, can still exert a strong influence over your life.”

Denise Richards


Below is an extract from Chapter 3 of my book

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